Table Kickers: Hard Wyred

On this week’s Table Kickers I’ll be taking a look at the upcoming humorous, action-packed cyberpunk comic written by Erik Bitmanis, Illustrated by Joshua Suarez and Gwenelle Daligault and lettered by Jaime Me:  Hard Wyred.


We all know the unwritten cardinal rule of criticizing a piece of art before giving it a chance; don’t judge a book by its cover. However, I must confess that I totally judged this comic by its cover and I’m not sorry for it at all. We’ll get to the comic’s premise in just a moment but just take a moment to look at that cover.


Look at it.

I love the rough, almost grunge-like feel the cover has. The distorted perspective of the top with a messy kitchen blending into what looks like upside down skyscrapers that appear to be crumbling is cool and works really well. Plus if you look closely of the character in the center you’ll see a reflection of a man in a trench coat and a gun. The artwork, just on the cover is creative, thought provoking and the more you look at it the more things you’ll notice, which in turn leads to more questions.

That being said, it gets even cooler knowing the premise of the story. While not a lot has been revealed Hard Wyred takes place in the near future where people are able to upload their subconscious to an online profile. What this basically means is that all of your dreams come true, but of course what happens is that everyone else’s dreams come true as well. What results is a virtual reality online world where people’s online persona comes true. And everyone thinks that’s totally great.

Except for our hero: Sam Wyerznowski. Sam isn’t too happy about this new technology and he’s basically being dragged into the future kicking and screaming. He wants nothing to do with this cyber world, but ironically his job had him going in and out of the program constantly. Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately), he was forced into an early retirement. Sounds like things had gone Sam’s way.

Unfortunately, Sam’s old employer, Ms. Teller, was attacked by an unknown enemy. Now Ms. Teller is forced to call on Sam’s help (though she’d definitely prefer not to.) Sam is plunged back into the world where people’s wildest fantasies and internet personas are a reality and what he finds is a conspiracy much larger than he could ever imagine.

As a new publication the Hard Wyred team has kept a secret on the details of the plot and not much is known beyond the brief synopses located on their Official Kickstarter Page and their website. Luckily for us we have access to a six-page preview: Which you can see right here. 

First off I love the tone of the comic so far. It manages to be witty and satirical without being a complete joke. It’s thought provoking but still pretty funny (I especially the dialogue between Sam and the uploading program); it’s a nice break from the usual brooding, ultra-violent, super serious grim fests that have become popular lately.

Plus Sam as a character interests me already. I’m already wondering why he’s so against this cyber world. What happened to him during his previous employment that forced his early retirement? What does he know about the place that we don’t? Beyond that though I think he’s an interesting character just in terms of his contrasting body image, it’s an interesting look at self-perception and body image fantasy.

It’s hard to judge which direction Hard Wyred is going in but I hope that the team continues to capture that weaving of hilarity and thought provoking undertones. They have something unique here in the way Sam is coming off as being something of an anti-hero but kind of not. Instead of the usual, dark brooding angry anti-hero Sam is a much more fun character but he’s certainly not happy about his new job. I’m hoping Hard Wyred remains light and whimsical throughout its run and that it doesn’t lose its philosophical flair either.

However, this project needs your help. There are so many great projects like Hard Wyred that never see the light of day because they don’t have the funds or the recognition they so rightly deserve in order to make them a reality. Let’s make Hard Wyred happen friends. If you would like to support Hard Wyred head on over to their Official Kick Starter Page and if you aren’t financially able to support this project I’m sure the team would greatly appreciate you telling your friends about this awesome project.


               Every week Mystic Potluck will spotlight a KickStarter project that I feel deserves more recognition. There are a lot of great, interesting projects that never come to fruition simply because they don’t get the funding or the attention that they deserve. Table Kicker is my way of trying to help make more of these awesome projects a reality.


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